OpenGL Programming Guide

or 'The Red Book'

If you are looking for the OpenGL Reference Manual (or 'The Blue Book') click here.
  • About This Guide
  • Chapter 1: Introduction to OpenGL
  • Chapter 2: Drawing Geometric Objects
  • Chapter 3: Viewing
  • Chapter 4: Display Lists
  • Chapter 5: Color
  • Chapter 6: Lighting
  • Chapter 7: Blending, Antialiasing, and Fog
  • Chapter 8: Drawing Pixels, Bitmaps, Fonts, and Images
  • Chapter 9: Texture Mapping
  • Chapter 10: The Framebuffer
  • Chapter 11: Evaluators and NURBS
  • Chapter 12: Selection and Feedback
  • Chapter 13: Now That You Know
  • Appendix A: Order of Operations
  • Appendix B: OpenGL State Variables
  • Appendix C: The OpenGL Utility Library
  • Appendix D: The OpenGL Extension to the X Window System
  • Appendix E: The OpenGL Programming Guide Auxiliary Library
  • Appendix F: Calculating Normal Vectors
  • Appendix G: Homogeneous Coordinates and Transformation Matrices
  • Appendix H: Programming Tips
  • Appendix I: OpenGL Invariance
  • Appendix J: Color Plates
  • Glossary (not included in this version)

  • If this site is down for any reason, you can also find the red book over here. See the about page for copyright, authoring anddistribution information.