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Volume 18, Number 2 (2011)

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Volume 17  Number 1 (2010)
Allen Frances, "DSM in Philosophyland: Curiouser and Curiouser"

Volume 17 Number 2 (2010) 
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  1. Editor's Column
  2. Allen Frances, DSM in Philosophyland: Curiouser and Curiouser, p 3
  3. Thomas Szasz, DSM: The Nosology of Nondiseases, p 8
  4. A Frances, An Appreciation and Dissent, p 8
  5. Joseph Pierre, Mental Disorder vs. Normality: Defining the Indefinable, p 9
  6. A Frances, The Psychiatric Spectrum And Chasing The End of the Rainbow, p 11
  7. Donald Klein, DSM Purpose and Threshold for Revision, p 13
  8. A Frances, Second Umpires Everywhere, p 13
  9. Melissa Piasecki and David Antonuccio, The DSM Debate: Potential Harms Related to Psychiatric Diagnosis, p 15
  10. A Frances, Diagnosis can be bad for your Health, p 18
  11. Ronald Pies, The Ideal and the Real: How Does Psychiatry Escape the DSM-5 “Fly-bottle”?, p 18
  12. A Frances, Sorry But No Easy Exit, p 23
  13. Hannah Decker, The Past and the Future: What Constitutes a Mental Illness, p 23
  14. A Frances, History Rhymes, p 26
  15. Warren Kinghorn, The DSM and “Do No Harm:”  Is a Radical Pragmatism Sufficient?, p 26
  16. A Frances, Pragmatism meets its Limits, p 27
  17. G. Scott Waterman, Doing No Harm Redux: The Case For (Ultra) Conservatism?, p 29
  18. A Frances. Ultraconservatives are Radicals in Sheep’s Clothing, p 31
  19. Andre Haynal, About DSM in Philosophyland, p 32
  20. A Frances, The Power to Name is the Power to Harm, p 32
  21. Nassir Ghaemi, DSM-IV, Hippocrates, and Pragmatism: What Might Have Been, p 33
  22. A Frances, “Do no Harm” Meets “The Rule of Thirds” , p 36
  23. Joel Paris, The Ideology behind DSM-5, p 41
  24. A Frances, The Elusive Definition of Mental Disorder and Problems with Reification, p 43
  25. Michael A. Cerullo,  The Illusion of Epistemological Problems in the Definition of Mental Illness, p 43
  26. A Frances, Epistemological Problems not easily Solved, p 44
  27. Avram Mack, Nosology for Beginners: The Context of Psychiatric Classification  And Diagnosis, p 45
  28. A Frances, Thesis/Antithesis/Synthesis, p 47
  29. Henry Pinsker, A Grandfather Reflects on the Younger Generation, p 48
  30. A Frances, The Wisdom of the Ages, p 50
  31. Avi Peled, The Paradigm Shift for Psychiatric Diagnosis is Already Here, p 51
  32. A Frances, Only in the Eyes of the Beholder, p 55
  33. Steven Hayes, Functional First: Creating a Pragmatic and Progressive Diagnostic System, p 55
  34. A Frances, Forced Choice: Be Pragmatic OR Progressive – Usually Hard to be Both, p 58
  35. Douglas Porter, Weighing the Evidence and Rendering Judgment on the DSM: Do We Need a Supreme Court?, p 58
  36. A Frances, Yes Surely, More Now than Ever, p 59
  37. Aaron Mishara and Michael Schwartz, Who’s on First: Mental Disorders by Any Other Name, p 60
  38. A Frances, Phenomenology vs Operationalism, p 63
  39. John Sadler, Miscellany, Past and Present, p 65
  40. A Frances, Politics; Lumping vs Splitting; What Place For Conceptualizing, p 66
  41. Donald Mender, De-Centering the Subject of DSM, p 67
  42. A Frances, I Don’t Believe in Magic, p 69
  43. James Phillips, Another DSM on the Shelf? p 70
  44. A Frances, Using Clinician Prototypes vs Criteria Sets In Making Diagnoses, p 71
  45. Claire Pouncey, …Still, I Wonder, p 71
  46. A Frances, An Apology for Dumb Utilitarianism, p 72
  47. Allen Frances, Afterword, p 72
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